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Abiyah Sampler

by Abiyah

Sold Secrets 03:56
check 1, check 2, check 3 now go your way check 1, check 2, check 3 now go your way check 1, check 2, check 3 please go away inherent in the transit of waste complained by taste in mouth south of red river misgiver tossed lifeline time spaced out between moon and clout sliced sliver deliver clockout sprint the gamut with tongue on lockout sweet nothings saw the window so they flocked out Mondrian on my skirt so i blocked out spot on sacrosanct blank tablet slept habit on interlude bwoy culture rude vulture on the motherlode rolled hip to the static dramatic tongue on the touchtone shown in desperate measure treasure by the pound plundered downtown found drunk in misgivings living drought until drown sound wet from the ceiling reeling in hook-shock rock star gangsta lean mean tight with the wisdom lockdown on cock barrel stock lit up marquee spit corrupt border of street front blunt my lips bits sedentary on relax smacks hoes up kneecaps crusted dungeon riding shotgun run black into ice nice not in vernacular macular region on low slow behind door close rose to code leveled several gone hesitant rant on the new champ stamp to the sequence amidst afropunk and eclipse. chorus: i sold secrets i sold secrets i sold secrets to the highest bidder i sold secrets dredge bottom feeder leader of nothing squander lessons learned in the promised land wandered through desert and storm warm from my held hand man down on the come-up lift up shroud as evidence livin’ in the basement of gravity that’s you, baby president of the government of depravity crate dug in time rhymed at 33 1/3 learned vinyl was only plastic with a reverb ya heard words exchanged at the intersection of plead the fifth and dimension sun shone in reflection the mirror deception marilyn mccoo-ed the recollection everybody’s has a record of your crimes dimes spent in pieces spits leafless on notebooks looks three-subject wide-eyed slide on blacktop at recess sense sandbox needs shovel rubble is that homeroom soon seen shot on the lowdown throwdown flyby on the coop loop liquid as it tumbles fumbles in the drone zone phone alone last digits hit the reverse cursed smooth on the swerve nerve held in detention mention crash boom bang i left it on the side of the road section smash room hang bereft of all verbs that flowed slowed meteor and showered in undertow blow knuckle into hitlist. chorus outro: your secrets are yours they are not mine i flipped you on a dime now whatchu gonna do?
Intro/First Verse (Abiyah): Pull up got it goin’ on Gotta pull up In the fight yeah we got it strong Gear up box out And count to thrilla Gear up box out This one gwan be the killa We know you think you’re gonna be the one to take the throne No you won’t Broke glass house with first stone in my zone AND Hit homeruns on every curveball that I’m thrown AND Those red-lighted districts try to stop me from what I’m doing Drive right through cuz your boundaries ain’t shit Got your hands in my cookie jar Chipped your tooth on my fast car Driving in my lane Cuz you think you’re the star But I know just what you are You wrote my obituary cuz you thought you went and dead dat Oh bitch you scary I’m the one you wrote and read dat Hook (Eugenius): Shit you talking’s dead You know you know this We say it is your final notice notice Won’t be long ’til it’s all boxed up and getting carried Memory is gettin’ buried This is that obitchuary Second Verse (Abby): Bending over backwards With a flailing and a fall Caught up in awkward nonsense Life is just a creepy crawl Scorching smoke choking Embers fickle flame Anonymous on the outside Nobody knows my name She’s a paradox a princess Something putrid something rude No convention in her mind Something borrowed Something blue Dirty dirty palms Stifle desperate pleas All the world prefers her just crawling on her knees Abby/Abiyah/Eugenius E: Hey, baby, where you goin’? Can I walk wit you? A/A: Where the fuck you think I’m going in these high-heeled sneaker boots? E:Well, do you got a number? A/A:Yeah, it’s number one. My digits ain’t your business, only the middle one. E:Ok, but do you got a man? A/A: What’s that got to do with you? Take that wack game over there and fuck yourself, boo. I’m not just a skirt, I’m just doing me. Baddest bitch up on the planet and the galaxy. Hook (Eugenius) Outro (Eugenius): Read it and weep Read it and weep Read it and weep Don’t really care if you’re restin’ or not But we know that you’re rottin’ in peace Read it and weep Read it and weep Read it and weep We always knew that your shit was so tired And now we gonna put it to sleep


released October 27, 2016

Cover photo by Annette Navarro. Originally published in the April 2016 edition of Cincinnati Magazine.


all rights reserved



Abiyah Cincinnati, Ohio

Boundary-blurring curveball collage of electronica, dancehall, indie rock, avant-hip hop, & punk blended with the fury of a free wild muse.

"Abiyah is the queen of all the mechanical parts of your heart. Her songs let you breathe underwater. She's the only thing your brain and your hips can agree on."
--Open Mike Eagle (L.A.-Mello Music Group)
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